Home Automotive 1954 F-100 with a 400 HP 1970 Ford 351 Windsor engine

1954 F-100 with a 400 HP 1970 Ford 351 Windsor engine


Scott Young Was California Dreamin’

There’s a huge sense of pride and accomplishment that comes with building a custom truck from scratch. After all, you’re putting it together exactly how you want it from top to bottom, right? But what if there’s already a truck out there that’s pretty close to your idea of perfection? Do you build a clone? Do you build one different enough so that you don’t feel like you’re copying it? Or, perhaps, do you buy the original? While the third option doesn’t come up too often, when it does we’re all for taking advantage of the situation and fulfilling that dream! 

Scott Young of Hickory, North Carolina, is a longtime Ford fanatic and has had plenty of awesome Blue Ovals over the years, but when he caught wind of a certain ’54 F-100 being up for sale that aligned with what he already had planned to build, his ears perked up and he had to investigate.

The only problem was that the truck was all the way out in Sacramento, California, but as far as Scott was concerned, that was actually a good thing! For one, that meant rust almost certainly wouldn’t be an issue. Secondly, the truck was built in the mecca of custom truck and hot-rod culture, adding some provenance to…

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