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1970 Chevy C10 on GSI parts and 24-inch wheels


A Little Gamble Goes a Long Way

The 1967-’72 Chevrolet c/k is one of the most popular, reliable, and easiest-to-drive classic pickups you can find. This generation marks the turning point when chevy realized it could offer truck buyers modern conveniences and comfort options in the same way it did sedan shoppers—a stunningly simple connection to make in retrospect, but one that blew the market wide open during a time when a primary rival, ford, steadfastly refused to build anything other than the most utilitarian models for work use.

The end result was a sales phenomenon that would see GM prolong its dominance over the Blue Oval well into the mid-’70s, pushing millions of examples of this generation of trucks out of the factories and onto the roads, farm fields, and dusty barns. The 1968-’72 C/K proved that you didn’t have to suffer a tin can cabin or a kidney-busting ride to get the job done.

Jeffrey Melder has always had a love for the classic truck style, while first getting involved in custom trucks as a kid.

“I loved customizing vehicles so much that I strived to start my own shop,” Jeffrey tells us. “It’s a passion that’s been growing my whole life.”

After getting married and…

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