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3 Haute Pool Houses That Are Destinations Unto Themselves


Check out these swoon-worthy pool houses in South Carolina, Washington, and New York that invite you to kick back, relax and unwind from the stresses of daily life.

Daily Swimming Sanctuary

Elly Poston Cooper’s clients would have loved a beach house in theory. But between their high-octane careers and children’s busy schedules, there simply wasn’t time for one. The solution? Transform their South Carolina property into a full-fledged getaway. “They wanted to create the magic of taking a vacation in their own backyard,” elaborates Cooper, who joined forces with McAlpine on the design of its piece de resistance: an enchanting pool house boasting a chef’s kitchen, bunk loft and double-story lounge fitted with an expansive, built-in sofa.

“We really wanted it to feel like a destination,” adds Cooper, pointing to such beachy flourishes as the rattan coffee tables and shuffleboard setup. Peter Dunham’s Fig Leaf fabric on the lounge chairs and throw pillows similarly underscores an emphasis on fun. “It plays off the green lawn and feels great for summer, but still fresh and funky in the other seasons,” she notes. Meanwhile, beanbag chairs rendered chic in a Heather Chadduck Hillegas textile can…

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