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5 Best Horse Themed Casino Games


One of the oldest known sports, horse racing has easily found its way into the world of online gaming. It is a perfect alternative to betting on a horse race and when it comes to daily online betting, horse racing enthusiasts are spoilt for choice. You might not be able to head to the real-time horse race or bet on the horses, but you can definitely have a good time playing horse-themed games at casinos. 

There are many slot titles available today and every top developer has one in the arsenal. For horse games enthusiasts, it is so much more than a hobby and can be a lot of fun too. That said, you also enjoy special bonuses and free spins which increase your chances of taking home more money. Let’s take a look at the top five horse-themed casino games.

  1. Sure Win

Sure Win is a slot from the Microgaming set on a race course and it comes with all the symbols that are shown as cartoons. However, this game can be associated with the best-in-class graphics that are essential for a rewarding game. 

The slot offers a pattern of 5 reels and 25 pay lines but in terms of bet size, it is quite flexible. A huge part of the pay table is tuned in a way that helps deliver sizeable returns, however, the biggest prize…

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