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8 Cool Moms on How They Minimize Screen Time—And the Kids Don’t Even Know It


Courtesy of @alandalicia

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Screen time is one of those long-debated hot topics in parenting circles, but no matter what your stance is, it’s hard not resorting to turning on a show or two (or five…) during the colder months. Gross rainy and slushy days are aplenty, and seemingly never-ending illnesses throw off typical routines. How to keep everyone occupied in these last throes of winter before spring truly arrives? I tapped eight moms to share their tips and tricks on minimizing screen time, from colorful looms to creative play ideas to take on your next park trip.

Build a Fort—And a Bunch of Other Things

child sliding down green cushion slide
Courtesy of Amanda Jane Jones

Graphic designer and author Amanda Jane Jones recommends a modern Nugget cushion set (originally designed for college dorm rooms to replace bulky futons), which can be turned into a fort for endless imaginative play. The four pieces can be configured into a tent-shaped structure, a slide, an obstacle course, and even a teeth-baring monster. 

kids playing on navy fort cushions

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