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9 Food Festivals Every Drinker Should Know


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Finding a just-right food pairing for a favorite wine, beloved beer or go-to cocktail isn’t simply a pleasant happening. When the combo works, the experience can be otherworldly, heightening flavors and aromas both on the plate and in the glass.

Clearly, creating opportunities for next-level pairings is something some food and drink festival organizers are thinking about. Mark your calendars, because these fun food festivals put eats and drinks front and center. From a multi-city celebration of Mexico’s pozole and mezcal, to a fete focused on the joys of pairing Pacific Northwest seafood with Oregon wine, many bring food and drink lovers together in quirky and unexpected ways. We imagine that the chances of finding heavenly pairings are high.

Of note, most fests are about more than just the drinks and food: they’re also about the local community, heritage and traditions. Wherever your travel plans take you in the months ahead, there’s likely a food festival being held nearby. Here are some can’t-miss celebrations.

Food Festivals to Add to Your Calendar

Camp Verde Pecan and Wine Festival

Camp Verde, Arizona

About an hour outside of Phoenix in a dark-sky…

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