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A Doctor’s Advice: ‘Why Am I Struggling To Stay Focused and Alert?'


Brain fog is a menopausal symptom that can turn simple tasks into a hassle. This symptom often causes you to forget things, have difficulty concentrating, and be unable to solve problems. So, if you easily lose your train of thought or frequently misplace your keys, brain fog might be to blame. The good news is, like other menopause symptoms including hot flashes and blue moods, brain fog is manageable. In fact, making small lifestyle tweaks does wonders for protecting your brain health during menopause. A First for Women reader experiencing these symptoms asked our expert, Dr. Barbara DePree, for advice. Here’s what she had to say.

How Menopause Triggers Brain Fog

Q: Lately, I’ve struggled to stay focused. I’m even forgetting names of longtime friends! I’m 47. Why is this happening?

A: You’re not alone. A 2021 review of studies noted that brain fog affects a significant amount of menopausal women. Why? Estrogen helps metabolize brain-fueling glucose, so overall brain function can wane when estrogen levels decline. But don’t be alarmed; the fog will clear as your brain adapts to changing hormone levels.

In the meantime, targeted lifestyle strategies — like prioritizing sleep and walking…

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