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A Look Inside CANCON 2022


Toward the end of 2022, RECOIL took a major step in a new direction. We’ve always worked tirelessly to give you unflinching insight into a wide array of guns and gear, information and expertise on developing new skillsets, exposure to all aspects of the lifestyle, and a behind-the-curtain look at the inner workings of the firearms industry and the organizations that exist to safeguard your constitutional rights. But, for us, even that isn’t enough. For years, we’ve been working to create an immersive real-world experience that would allow you to not just read about these things, but to actively take part in them in real time. In November 2022, RECOIL partnered up with Silencer Shop to bring you this experience, which we dubbed CANCON. The inaugural event was held at 17 South Rod & Gun Club just outside of Savannah, Georgia.

Above: RECOIL and range staff deliver the opening briefing.

The concept of the event was to offer a fully suppressed range day. And we meant it when we said fully suppressed — every single one of the firearms available to shoot at the event was equipped with a can, regardless of make, model, or caliber. CANCON featured more than 30 individual shooting lanes full of the firearms and…

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