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Add Some Color to Your Brunch with Edible Flowers


Like a lot of other folks, Cassie Winslow moved during the pandemic. She and her family packed up their life in Santa Cruz and headed to the Sacramento Valley to be closer to loved ones and have a bit more room. Unlike a lot of other folks, they spent the first few months planting more than 70 rose bushes around their new home.

Winslow’s husband is the green thumb of the pair, but she is the one who’s garnered a following for her ability to transform seemingly simple dishes and drinks into botanical showpieces on her stunning Instagram and blog @decotartelette, and in her first book, where she showed us how to add beautiful edible flowers to cocktails. Now she’s back with Floral Provisions: 45+ Sweet and Savory Recipes, a cookbook full of tips for leveling up everyday meals with a fragrant twist, from lavender crêpes to apricot-chamomile jam. While there are so many varieties of edible flowers, Winslow features those that are easy to source or grow at home.

Adapted from Floral Provisions:
45+ Sweet and Savory Recipes
by Cassie Winslow with Permission
from Chronicle Books, 2022.
Photographs © Naomi McColloch

“Lavender and chamomile are quite versatile and tend to require minimal maintenance,”…

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