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Addressing Readiness Gaps in Precalculus With WebAssign [GUIDE]


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When students enter a precalculus course, their knowledge and study skills can vary greatly. To help overcome these prerequisite gaps and prepare your students for success, WebAssign offers resources that you can use in your course all semester long.

In this blog, we break down the WebAssign features that can help students overcome readiness gaps in your precalculus course at the beginning of, and throughout, the semester.

Beginning-of-course refresher activities

College Math Readiness Bootcamp

Refresh students’ knowledge and test their prerequisite skills with the College Math Readiness Bootcamp. This activity contains a formative student assessment on prerequisite topics needed for success in Precalculus, College Algebra and Trigonometry courses, as well as targeted learning modules to supplement areas for growth.

The assessment takes roughly an hour and a half to two hours to finish. The remaining time needed to finish the full Bootcamp depends on how much remediation the student needs with the supplemental modules.

To see the College Math Readiness Bootcamp in action, watch a brief overview video.

Concept review throughout the term

Corequisite Support

Whether you’re teaching a…

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