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An Improbable Trip Around the Globe


It started as a 4-month cruise but became a made-for-­Hollywood, 13-year voyage. Roger Moore recounts a once-in-a-lifetime journey with his wife, dog—and a monkey.

What started as a 4-month cruise to Mexico turned into a made-for-Hollywood, 13-year voyage around the world.

I’d met Roger Moore a few times in passing. The founder of Nautical Ventures–—a boat dealer powerhouse that sells some of the biggest brands—almost always has an easy smile etched into a trimmed, salt and pepper goatee along with a bright orange polo, a marketing tool he created to help his team stand out on the docks and at boat shows.

Roger Moore

The few times I met him, the master conversationalist had a glint in his eyes and slight smirk while offering hints about an around-the-world-trip he and his wife undertook years ago. I had a feeling that if we could sit uninterrupted, he would have an unbelievable story to share, so I set up an appointment to chat at his Ft. Lauderdale location (a converted BMW dealership on South Federal Highway).

Over the next few hours, Roger sat back and shared the story of his improbable trip around the world with a casualness that you and I might use when discussing…

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