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Anderson Graduates to Bears in GTM Mock Draft


Anderson Graduates to Bears in GTM Mock Draft
Vincent Verhei
14 Feb 2023, 01:00pm

Welcome to draft season! Unless you’re a Miami Dolphins fan. Or a 49ers, Broncos, Rams, Texans, or Browns fan. If so, congratulations on your tampering/acquisitions, but your first night of the draft will likely be less interesting than the rest of the league’s. For the rest of you, here’s an early look at the rookies you might be cheering for this fall.

The draft, by its nature, is hard to predict—look back at my first mock draft from 2022 if you need evidence of how much things can change between the Super Bowl and draft day. Here is a quick reminder about the ground rules I’m using for this mock draft:

  • I’m not projecting any trades, though I expect some movement at or near the top of the draft that should make this mock even more irrelevant than usual.
  • I am only taking these factors into account when formulating my mock selections:
    • the player’s Expected Draft Position, as measured at Grinding the Mocks;
    • the drafting team’s most mocked players and positions;
    • the drafting team’s history of selecting players earlier or later than expected;
    • the approximate breakdown of players by Expected Draft Round…

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