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Anthony Richardson Highlights Post-Combine Risers


Anthony Richardson Highlights Post-Combine Risers
Vincent Verhei
16 Mar 2023, 10:44am

Trust the tape. This mantra is spoken ad nauseam throughout every draft season immemorial as a reminder that a player’s tape is his most important attribute. However, like any other piece of information, tape can lie! A player can be older and dominate younger competition or play a soft schedule that doesn’t truly challenge him.

Statistics and data can also lie. A defensive back can accrue fewer pass breakups or interceptions than a teammate simply by being targeted less by opposing offenses, while a wide receiver can gather more targets simply because he plays alongside someone who demands double coverage.

Do you know what also lies (at least relatively speaking)? The turf on the field at Lucas Oil Stadium. No, not the turf exactly. While this turf is probably very similar to turf used in stadiums across the NFL, even combine data is crooked. Per an analysis by data scientist Bud Davis, players are opting into performing the drills that make them look the best and opting out of drills that would put them in a less than flattering light. What are the implications? Average times for drills such as…

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