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Best kayak paddles for touring and exploring coastlines, rivers and lakes


We take a look at the best kayak paddles for powering along during aquatic adventures from cruisy sea kayaking and estuary escapades to rowdy river runs

After choosing the best kayak for your on-water adventures and escapades, the next biggest decision is what kayak paddle to power it with. And no matter whether you’re a touring sea kayaker, a white-water paddler or perhaps a surfski racer, there are plenty of paddle designs to choose from, with shafts and blades made with various materials, all offering a different range of features.

What makes the best kayak paddle for you will depend on your paddling preferences. Sometimes kayak brands and retailers throw in a cheap paddle as part of the package when you buy an inflatable boat, but as you get more experienced on the water, it will become increasingly important that you choose the best paddle for the kind of kayaking you do.

The length of the shaft and the size and shape of the blade are key decisions, but other factors to consider include whether you need a left or right or left-handed paddle, would you prefer a single-piece paddle or one that splits into two or more sections? Do you want a straight shaft or a bent one? Would you prefer the blades to be straight…

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