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Best Pill Pockets for Yorkies


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If your dog won’t take their pills without a fuss, our list of the best pill pockets for Yorkies will save you both a heap of trouble. After all, Yorkies are far more apt to eat a yummy snack than a pill, so a tasty pill pocket or paste can be just the trick you need to get your dog dosed!

Pill pockets are soft and flexible with a hollow center, so you won’t have to get crafty with smeary peanut butter, crumbly cheese, or even mushy bread. Just stick it in the pocket, pinch, and feed it to your dog. And if you opt for pill paste, simply wad some around the pill and toss it to your waiting pup.

best pill pocket for yorkies

Whether your pet has a taste for peanut butter, prefers crunchy treats, or has a top-notch nose that picks up even the slightest pill smell, we’ve found a pill pouch to suit your needs. But before we get into reviews of the best pill pockets, let’s answer your pill pocket questions and talk about what factors should be considered before you choose an option.

Frequently Asked Questions about Best Pill Pockets for Yorkies

Do Pill Pockets Have Nutritional Value?

Yes, some pill pockets and pastes have…

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