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Best rope halters that give more precise aids for training


Used by many riders and trainers who follow natural horsemanship methods, the best rope halters will give you the extra control and precision you need to work your horse from the ground. In general, rope halters are not recommended for tying up as they don’t have break points like a traditional headcollar, so it’s best to save them for groundwork and training.

They should last you a long time, too. The best rope halters are make of a high-quality polyester a this lasts longer than nylon or polypropylene rope, which is often used in cheaper products. The polyester is less sensitive to degradation, so less likely to stretch or crack, but also less likely to slip or undo, making it an all-round safer and better product. Some rope halters are sold with a rope, too, so factor that in when you’re looking at the prices.

How to tie a rope halter

Tying a rope halter correctly ensures that it doesn’t loosen or come undone, but it also allows you to undo it easily if your horse has pulled and tightened the knot. The image below shows how to tie a halter correctly.

The rope should go through the loop towards you (blue arrow). It then follows behind the loop (pink arrow)…

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