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BinaryX Releases Trailer and Opens Beta Test For Futuristic Space Game Project Matthew


Singapore, Singapore, 13th March, 2023, Chainwire

BinaryX announced today the upcoming release of a space-building simulation game, Project Matthew. The team just released the trailer video which gives a first look at the game, and is also opening registration for their Closed Beta Test happening soon. 

Introducing Project Matthew: The Exciting New Space-Building Game
Project Matthew is an upcoming space-building simulation game developed and published by developer BinaryX.

The game takes place in outer space, where players have taken over as landlords of a distant land called Matthew. The goal of the game is for players to build their own extraterrestrial cities, by setting up industrial production lines that produce resources for further development.

Develop A City
The adventure begins as players are given an NFT plot to start their city. Players can build different types of helper robots that will contribute different skills to scavenge, battle, or explore new territories to develop the city. 

Lead A Virtual Army
Players can recruit a robot army with different skills and abilities, and challenge…

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