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BosonQ Psi | Harnessing the Disruptive Power of Quantum Computing


Quantum computing could enable efficient simulation for racecar innovation by overcoming the computational bottleneck. Unlike the traditional computer, established on bits and bytes, quantum computing (QC) uses super-positioning and entanglement – theoretical concepts of quantum mechanics – to process information. This property allows quantum computers to perform calculations that are impractical, or even impossible, for classical computers.

QC can also account for uncertainty in its calculations, something unthinkable for a binary machine. In-house quantum computing technology infrastructure has challenges, such as circuit depth, qubit count, and noise interference. Additionally, it requires significant investment in hardware and is cost prohibitive for most firms.

Enter software venture BosonQ Psi (BQP), which has developed a proprietary hybrid quantum-classical cloud simulation algorithm software called BQPhy®. BQPhy leverages the power of quantum computing to perform simulations utilising a hybrid infrastructure of quantum computers and classical high-performance computers to highlight near-term quantum value to simulation challenges.

The software-as-a-service enterprise uses quantum-inspired…

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