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Canine Cuisine: Eating Dog Food in Dire Situations


DISCLAIMER: This article is intended to be a brief overview of the viability of dog food as a worst-case emergency food source, and not a comprehensive guide to food safety or nutrition. Weigh the risks carefully before eating any food not intended for human consumption, and only do so when there is no safer alternative.

At the beginning of the COVID pandemic in April 2020, Regina Loicano lived in abject fear, holed up in her Upper East Side, New York, walkup. She was so afraid of getting sick that she didn’t dare leave her small apartment. She was convinced that deadly germs were everywhere. Three weeks later, what was left of her food was gone and she resorted to eating pet food. Soon, the thought of starvation outweighed her fears of COVID and she tried to make it to the store, but she was so weak, she had to return back to her home. “I’ve been eating cat food and cat chow,” she told her rescuers, “and not been able to leave the house.”

For most, the thought of consuming dog food voluntarily would cause a shudder of disgust, and although our pets are cute, charming, playful, and more a part of the family unit than some actual humans, dogs can be kind of gross. They’re often excited to snack on meat…

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