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Cataracts in dogs: causes of cloudiness


Have you noticed a difference in your dog’s eyes recently that concerns you? Vet Tony Buckwell advises a reader.

As dogs age, their eyes may become cloudy

Cataracts in dogs

Q:  My nine year old dog’s eyes are starting to look cloudy. What would be causing this? What the the signs of cataracts in dogs? (You might also like to read how to look after an older dog suffering from deafness.).)

cataracts in dogs

The Labrador on the left has cataract, an opaque lens and a dilated pupil. The black Labrador on the right has light reflecting off the lens with a constricted pupil

Cloudy eyes in dogs

A:  There are three parts of the eye that can be affected by cloudiness; the cornea (the clear outermost layer at the front of the eye), the fluid in the anterior chamber of the eye (immediately behind the cornea) and opacity of the lens.

The most common reasons for the cornea to be clouded are infection, inflammation or scarring. However, it can also be a sign of glaucoma which, if untreated, can cause permanent damage.

The anterior chamber of the eye can become cloudy if there is an accumulation of some material such as lipids, fats or white blood cells. These in turn can be an indication of some more serious underlying condition elsewhere in the…

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