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‘Catastrophic decline’ in foxes following ban

‘Catastrophic decline’ in foxes following ban

More than 100 vets are calling for a scientific review to address the current situation, as fox populations continue to fall across the UK

The UK fox population has fallen since the Hunting Act came into force, warns a group of veterinarians

Fox populations have seen a drastic decline since the enactment of the Hunting Act 2004, veterinarians have warned. More than 100 vets have written an open letter to the Government, urging them to initiate a scientific review to address the issue of population control. The letter highlights the lack of research supporting arguments on the most humane methods of controlling fox numbers, despite years of intense debate. (Read could my dog catch mange from foxes?)

According to the vets, the fox population has declined at an alarming rate since the hunting ban was implemented. In certain rural areas, foxes are on the verge of extinction, largely due to people simply shooting them rather than hunts conserving a few. The vets argue that shooting has led to the killing of some of the fittest animals and vixens with cubs, going against good conservation practices, as opposed to hunting where the fittest tend to survive. 

The vets express their concern that the decline in fox populations…

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