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Chevy Might Be Working on a Hydrogen-Powered Pickup Truck


Hydrogen fuel cell technology is an interesting alternative to gas and electric cars, as it combines the zero-emission driving of an electric car with the refuel-time of a gasoline car. However, despite the benefits, few brands have invested much time or money into making hydrogen cars, with the vast majority of the car world investing in electrification instead. However, it seems that Chevrolet could be working on a hydrogen-powered pickup truck, judging by this new trademark filing found by CarBuzz.

Chevy recently filed two trademarks with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), for the names ‘ZRX’ and ‘ZH2.’ While the former is rumored to be for some sort of Ford Raptor-fighting Silverado model, it’s the latter that intrigues us a bit more.

This isn’t the first time Chevy has toyed with the ‘ZH2’ name. Back in 2016, Chevy released the Colorado ZH2, a hydrogen powered off-road pickup demonstration that was to be tested by the U.S. Army. The whole point of the Colorado ZH2 was to determine the effectiveness of hydrogen fuel cell technology in dangerous, off-road mission situations.

Admittedly, this trademark filing is hardly concrete…

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