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Clean Slate | 1967 Ford F-100 with a 429ci V8


A Ford Truck Enthusiast’s Latest F-100 Creation

Words by John Mata Jr.
Photos by Solomon Lunger

Truck owners and builders who find themselves being brand-loyal to the pickups of choice in their adult years most likely have had a positive childhood familiarity with, say, a Ford or Chevy model. While no real science is behind this statement, the amount of times builders who mention the trucks their dad or grandpa had years ago influencing the trucks they choose to buy or build today does point back to that direction. 

This kind of stuff is all I wished I could have done as a kid… 

There is some truth to explain this proclivity towards certain badges that develops over the years, and to back this claim up, Michael Cassey of Canton, Georgia, recently shared the story about his most recent F-100 project.

“Restoring my dad’s ’81 Ford F-Series with him and my brothers was such a great experience as a kid, it recently crossed my mind years later to recreate that sense of accomplishment and to see another childhood dream through,” Michael says.

Naturally, he developed an eye for other generations of Ford pickups throughout the years, and when he felt the time was right to seek one out to build on his own, he…

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