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Cleaning Products You Shouldn’t Use Around Your Pets (And How To Keep Them Safe)


Keeping your home clean is important year-round — but it may be on the forefront of your mind now, as spring cleaning season approaches. While the greenery blooms back to life outdoors, you’ll want to bring that freshness inside and say goodbye to the dust and grime of wintertime. But even more important than your house’s cleanliness is your pet’s safety. Did you know there are certain household cleaners that are toxic to dogs and cats? Keep reading to find out how you can keep your house sparkling without endangering Felix or Fido. 

Can cleaning products actually hurt my pet?

If cleaning products come into close contact with your pet, they can indeed do some harm. And it can happen more easily than you’d think. In January 2020, a UK dog made news because she got poisoned from walking across a newly cleaned floor and licking her paws, says the Humane Society. Thankfully, she survived — but her story remains a cautionary tale for pet owners everywhere.

Your dog or cat can accidentally touch or ingest powerful, dangerous chemicals by simply doing what they normally do: licking, laying down, rolling around. And while both cats and dogs can be affected by dangerous chemicals, cats are especially at…

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