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Climate change a threat to Sherry’s flor yeast, study says


Sherry barrels of Bodega Delgado Zuleta.

These styles are produced via biological ageing, which involves the formation of a veil of flor yeast on top of the barrel during maturation. Such flor is responsible for the development of these wines’ unique flavours and texture and is therefore generally understood to be an integral part of their terroir expression. ‘We have dual terroir,’ said Barbadillo vineyard manager Catina Aveledo, ‘the vineyard terroir and the bodega terroir, which is about the air (temperature, humidity and circulation) so maybe “aeroir”. Both are important for Sherry. The latter, vitally important for Manzanilla.’

The study points out that traditional ‘cathedral’ Sherry wineries are ‘good examples of nearly zero-emission buildings (NZEB)’, as their design provides the necessary levels of humidity and temperature for the flor to develop and thrive without the need for energy intensive cooling systems.

‘Jerez’s cathedral warehouses were built over 100 years ago and since then they’ve worked perfectly,’ César Porras Amores, who was involved in the study, told Decanter. ‘We know that climate change is a reality and the temperature in the world is increasing,’ he…

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