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Dear Stephen Breyer

Dear Stephen Breyer


The courtroom is full Thursday morning as everyone seems to have gotten used to the switch from Monday opinion days. The bar section is filled with quite a few lawyers who will be sworn in to the Supreme Court Bar after the day’s opinions, including the California Lawyers Association Taxation Section with an especially well-timed visit.

Solicitor General Elizabeth Prelogar leads a contingent from her office, including Deputy Solicitors General Brian Fletcher and Malcolm Stewart. Georgetown University Law Center and its Supreme Court Institute gave a tribute to Stewart, who was been with the Department of Justice for more than 30 years, at its annual end-of-arguments reception in April.

Justice Elena Kagan gave a rousing and funny tribute focused on Stewart’s passion for the Washington Capitals hockey team. (When the Capitals won the Stanley Cup in 2018, and their victory parade was going to march right past Main Justice, I noted that Stewart might be the one in the crowd with a morning coat over his hockey sweater.) She described how Stewart coaxed her to join him for the first of several games they attended together, but demanded that Kagan deck herself out in a not-inexpensive Caps jersey.

As the clock…

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