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Deaths of three horses and one rider on county’s roads prompts council to act


The deaths and serious injuries of horses and riders on Devon’s roads have prompted the county council to support the British Horse Society’s (BHS) Dead Slow safety campaign.

New roadside posters encouraging drivers to slow down for horses and riders are being displayed in parts of the county. This includes Killerton and Poltimore, and gateways to Dartmoor at Holne, Wotter, Meavy and Cornwood.

Devon County Council has teamed up with the BHS, non-profit organisation Horses & Road Safety Awareness (HRSA) and road safety partnership Vision Zero South West to promote the campaign.

“Horses and Road Safety Awareness began as a group to let riders share their experiences of riding on the road. Over the years we have supported many people through the trauma of injury and the loss of their beloved companions,” said HRSA founder, Hayley Stokes.

“The damage to humans, horses and cars can be catastrophic when an incident occurs and it never needs to be.

“By working cooperatively with the BHS and the council we hope to at least make drivers aware of their actions and the law.

“We want drivers, cyclists and riders to work together and find compassion for each other to make the road a safer place for everyone to…

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