Home News Despite Embracing Bitcoin, El Salvador Repaid its $800 Million Bond

Despite Embracing Bitcoin, El Salvador Repaid its $800 Million Bond


Nayib Bukele – the President of El Salvador – revealed that the government repaid its $800 million bond plus interest the same day it was set to mature.

Settling the bond comes despite the pessimistic views that the nation will experience financial challenges due to its bitcoin forays.

‘We Just Paid in Full’

El Salvador’s political leader, who is among the biggest proponents of bitcoin, announced the news on Twitter, regretting that most international media outlets did not spread the information. At the same time, they were among the first to doubt whether the country would be able to repay the $800 million bond that matured on January 23. 

He specifically referred to The New York Times, which claimed in July last year that El Salvador’s decision to purchase bitcoin on a macroeconomic level could harm its monetary network and prevent it from paying its debt. Bukele further stated that the bond was…

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