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Dreading the Foggy Groggies That Follow Daylight Saving Time? Do This To Feel More Alert


Tick Tock… “Spring forward” is nigh, friends! This Sunday, we gain sunlight but lose an hour of sleep thanks to Daylight Saving Time (DST). While the 60 minute leap forward might not seem like a big deal, science says it can actually disrupt our internal body clocks for a week or longer, leading to increased tiredness and fatigue. To thwart the foggy groggies following DST and smoothly transition into spring, put these fatigue-fighting tips to use.

DST Tip #1: Get a bright start.

Controlling exposure to light and darkness helps to maintain the natural rhythm of the body’s internal clock. Skip this and you’re likely to feel sluggish for the better part of Sunday. Instead, follow the advice of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) and go outside early. Why? Because basking in morning sunlight helps to wake you up. For even more mental clarity, the AASM suggests limiting your light exposure during the evening, which will help you sleep better so you wake up refreshed.

DST Tip #2: Eat a filling breakfast.

A 2022 study, which looked at the factors that induce grogginess in the morning — including the type of breakfast we eat — found that study participants who consumed a sugar-filled breakfast…

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