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Electric Pickup Trucks and Cheap Suspension Mods Just Don’t Mix


Brian Garcia Tirado

There’s a lot to be excited about with electric trucks. Most of the critiques you read online come from people who have never experienced the diesel-beating torque they pack. That said, those available right now pose a number of issues for those who’d want to treat them exactly like their internal-combustion counterparts. Towing range is a big one. But today, we’re talking lift kits, and how the time-honored practice of giving your truck a few extra inches on the cheap is about to get a lot harder with battery-powered pickups.

What’s the powertrain got to do with suspension modifiability? To make room for the rear drive motor, electric trucks like the Ford F-150 Lightning and forthcoming Chevy Silverado EV have ditched the typical solid rear axle and leaf springs in favor of four-wheel independent suspension. When you’re dealing with a multi-link setup like that, there’s more to it than just fitting taller springs or throwing in some bags. The suspension geometry has to remain in check both up front and out back; otherwise, your truck becomes unusable. And as the few shops who have modified an electric truck so far have found, it’s not a cheap problem to solve.

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