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Engageable Helps You Learn to Recharge and Focus

Engageable Helps You Learn to Recharge and Focus

Last Friday I shared three more notes from ISTE Live. The third of those was that I Engageable was the only tech tool that I saw in the expo focusing on SEL and similar ideas about overall well-being of students and teachers. If you haven’t taken a loot at it, here’s a short overview of Engageable. 

Engageable is a free service offered by the folks behind Swivl. During the 2022-23 school year Engageable was known as Focusable. The name has changed, but the purpose is still the same. That purpose is to help students and teachers learn how to focus on a task at hand and then recharge with short, guided activities before starting on a new task or continuing on with the current task. 

Engageable works in your web browser. There are also Engageable Android and iOS apps. All three options work in the same manner. When you open the app or website you’ll see an option for “pulse” or “recharge.” Choosing pulse gives you a short breathing activity to do before starting to work on a task for five minutes. After five minutes have passed you’re prompted to record how you felt during that focus block. After recording you can start another focus session or jump into a “recharge” activity. Recharge activities include guided breathing…

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