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European Commissioner Says Impact of SVB Collapse ‘Limited’ as Credit Suisse Drags Down Banking Stocks


Silicon Valley Bank’s (SVB) collapse has had a “limited impact” on the European Union but authorities must still “stay alert” to events as they unfold, European Commissioner Mairead McGuinness has said. Despite McGuinness’ reassuring remarks, stocks of Europe’s largest banks still plunged by as much as 10% on March 15.

Silicon Valley Bank’s ‘Limited’ EU Impact

According to the European Commissioner for financial services, Mairead McGuinness, the collapse of the U.S. bank Silicon Valley Bank has so far had limited impact on the European Union (EU). However, in her March 15 remarks before the EU parliament, McGuinness said the region’s authorities should “stay alert” to the unfolding events in the international markets.

McGuinness also revealed that the European Commission (EC) is currently monitoring the banking situation in the United States and that it hopes to learn important lessons.

“The direct impact on the European Union seems to be limited but we should reflect on whether there are lessons to be learned for the European Union’s banking sector,” the commissioner told the EU parliament.

Credit Suisse Drags Down European Banking Stocks

Prior to McGuinness’ remarks on the impact of SVB’s collapse on the EU, an…

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