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Expert Advice: Can a Simmer Pot Improve My Focus?


Though the height of the pandemic is over, many of us are still living with its after-effects, including the work-from-home lifestyle. Working at home has plenty of perks — wake up later, commute less, eat lunch whenever you want, the list goes on. However, it can sometimes be difficult to concentrate at home where our personal lives bump into our professional lives. Is there a way to stay focused without having to make a trip down to the office? One of our readers heard about simmer pots (spice pots simmering on the stove) and how they helped solve a friend’s daydreaming problem. To learn more, listen to the answer from FIRST expert, Dr. Heather Moday.

Meet our expert.

Heather Moday, MD, is director of the Moday Center in Philadelphia. She is board-certified in allergy and immunology, as well as integrative and holistic medicine. You can follow her on Instagram (@theimmunitymd), where she shares information on health topics. And to ask her a question here, send an email to health@firstforwomen.com.

Can a simmer pot improve my focus?

Q: I work from home and have been having problems focusing recently. My friend says putting a pot of water and spices on her stove during the day helps her…

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