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From the Street, You’d Never Know This London Townhouse Was a Modern, Energy-Efficient Oasis


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modern living room
Sofa, Really Well Made; Armchair and Footstool, Carl Hansen; Pink Chair, Muuto; Side Table, Hay; Coffee Table, Knoll; Custom Coffee-Table Top, Grassi Pietre; Paper Lamp, Noguchi; Pendant Lamp, Viabizzuno.

Ben Ridley, director at Architecture for London, doesn’t just have to impress clients these days—he also has to answer to the U.K. government, specifically the Energy and Clean Growth minister and the Committee on Climate Change. In 2019, the country passed laws to end its contribution to global warming and bring all greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050. Part of those regulations effect housing standards: CO2 emissions from newer homes must be around 30 percent lower than current standards. So what better place for Ridley to get a jump-start on things than at the Edwardian terrace home in the London suburb of Muswell Hill that he shares with his wife, Susanne, and their daughter, Edyth? “I’ve worked on lots of similar refurbishments and extensions, but this was the first time that my practice and I made a commitment to a low-energy design from the outset,” says…

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