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Gearbox: 2023 Packs


Editors’ Choice: Deuter Freescape Lite 26

$200, deuter.com

The Deuter Freescape Lite brings smarts to the skintrack—literally and figuratively. It’s lightweight, compact and feature-full. One of those features is, in fact, a brain. “Love the brain,” praised our Teton-based tester of the attachment many ski pack manufacturers have moved away from. Below its cerebral aspect, two large compartments divide the pack. The outer offers sleeves for avy equipment and is slim, “discouraging you from putting other gear in on top of your shovel and probe,” a tester said. The main one, accessible from the top or by side zipper, occupies the body of the pack, providing space for layers, skins and more, including a goggle pocket and storage pouch. 

On the exterior, four smaller pockets provide easy-to-access stashes for goodies—from snacks to maps to phones—that are easy to find on the skintrack. The Freescape is also equipped with a built-in side-carry for skis and stowable straps to accommodate diagonal-carry, splitboards or crampons. “Skis felt secure and stable on my back,” said our Vermont-based tester, who tried both parallel and A-frame setups. However, our splitboarding tester complained that…

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