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Get swept up in our pick of the best yard brooms


Having the best outdoor brooms on your yard can make all the difference – and it’s the same with the best wheelbarrows and shavings forks. To the untrained sweeper a broom is just a broom, but to anyone who has spent even a small amount of time sweeping a yard with a sub-standard outdoor broom will know this is not the case.

Every equestrian has a an idea of what they consider to be the best outdoor brooms, but quick and efficient is what we’re all after. Some sweep better in a certain direction, while others are designed to be anti-clogging. They also come in a range of sizes that will suit different users. The best outdoor brooms will sweep in all directions, be easy to handle, cope with wet and dry debris, be durable and store well. Most importantly, they should make light work of sweeping the yard.

Best outdoor brooms for yard use

Herbie’s Quickie 24in Super Bulldozer broom review best outdoor brooms

Herbie’s Super Bulldozer Broom

Handle length: 60in (152cm) | Head width: 24in (61cm) | RRP: £49.95 | H&H Review: 8/10 |

This broom from Herbie’s is described as suitable for use on wet or dry debris, and on rough or smooth surfaces. It is lightweight and has an extra-long steel handle, which has a swivel hanging feature for easy storage. The heavy-duty resin broom head is…

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