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Golden Globe Race: battle to the equator


The gap is narrowing amongst the skippers at the front of the Golden Globe Race fleet as they sail towards the equator

It has been a frustrating week for Kirsten Neuschafer as she makes her way towards the equator. Credit: Kirsten Neuschäfer/GGR2022

The equator will be the next milestone for the 2022 Golden Globe Race fleet as the entrants sail up the Atlantic.

South African skipper, Kirsten Neuschafer still leads the race, but light airs earlier in the week means second placed Abhilash Tomy has made gains, as has Chichester Class skipper Simon Curwen.

A man in a blue tshirt bending over the deck of a boat

Just a few hundred miles separate Abhilash Tomy and Kirsten Neuschafer: Tomy is 4,186 miles from the finish; Neuschafer is 3,870 miles from the finish. Credit: Nora Havel/GGR 2022

‘It has sure been frustrating,’ said a despondent Neuschafer, who has chosen to sail an easterly route up the Atlantic, away from the rhumb line.

‘I am kind of thinking I should have gone further east although I am not sure that would have helped me because I don’t have an overview of the system. But I think it is a daft thing my decision to have gone east when everyone was questioning why I was going east and now I am regretting it.’

In the last 24 hours, the 39-year-old sailor has found wind…

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