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Good gut health


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Good gut health

Good gut health

6 ways to support immunity through good gut health this winter

Taking care of our bodies becomes even more important during the colder months to ensure that we can properly enjoy, rather than enjoy, rather than endure, the winter season. Changes to our diet and sleep routine can have a huge impact on our overall mood, health, and wellbeing during this time – being aware of our gut health can also be vital.

While it’s not a magic fix-all remedy, taking care of our gut health could be the key to enable us to thrive during these months.

The immune system’s health and efficiency are intimately correlated with the condition of your digestive system. The gut microbiome plays a variety of beneficial tasks, including managing your metabolism, mood, cognition, hunger, digestion, and immunity – with between 70-80% of your immune cells estimated to be present in the gut.

6 expert tips to support immunity through gut health

Supporting a healthy gut-immune…

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