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Grow Annual Gomphrena in Your Flower Garden


Benefits of Growing Gomphrena

Monarch butterfly feeding on globe amaranth

By now, your mailbox is probably awash in all the latest seed catalogs, and you’re starting to think longingly toward spring. As you flip through those vibrant pages, tempted by all you see, you might overlook gomphrena, a pretty little annual also known as globe amaranth, but it’s definitely worth adding to any flower garden.

This easy-care annual bloom has a secret—it dries beautifully, meaning the gomphrena you grow in the summer can grace your living room all winter in a dried bouquet!

Gomphrena planted among the dark foliage of Persian shield

Globe amaranth (Gomphrena globosa) is native to Brazil, Panama, and Guatemala. It’s a member of the amaranth (Amaranthaceae) family, which is well-known for its long-lasting blooms. The brightly-colored flower heads, which resemble clover flowers, are actually made up of stiff structures called “bracts.” The flowers themselves are very small and tucked into these colorful heads. Butterflies and other small pollinators are drawn to these tiny flowers.

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Gomphrena Care

Gomphrena in the Flower Garden
The stiff flower heads look like clover and dry well for arrangements.


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