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Guns under £1000 – here’s what is worth a look


You can get more than you might think with a £1,000 budget and Jonny Carter whittles down his list to five of the best

Although I am a fan of best guns, fine guns and one-off builds, my own cabinet isn’t filled with them. Instead, it is full of old guns, bargain guns and completely knackered guns. Like many of you, I am a bargain hunter looking for affordable guns under £1000. The market is currently stuffed with bargains, meaning that for under a grand you can get something really special. I have whittled down some of my favourite budget all-rounders into a five-gun shortlist really worth some consideration. (Read how to choose a second-hand gun for under £1000.)

Winchester 101 XTR

Among the 19,000 shotgun listings on Guntrader, I found a Winchester 101 XTR for sale from a trade dealer for £575. Although this gun is now over 40 years old, it was (and arguably is) one of the best guns ever built. With their steel and machining quality and slick handling characteristics, these Japanese guns dominated the Sporting clays circuit for years before being discontinued in 1987. The factory did produce guns for another two years under the Classic Doubles brand and also produced the Nikko line of guns before the birth of…

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