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Have You Fallen for These 6 Fitness Myths?


Given our modern era of social media influencers and unofficial fitness “experts,” it’s not surprising that so many falsehoods about exercise persist. No matter how many researchers publish good studies debunking these myths, a fair number of people still believe you’ll always lose more weight by exercising at a lower intensity, or that working out first thing in the morning is vastly superior to sweating it out any other time of the day. When everything appears so confusing, contradictory, or complex, it can seem easier to not even bother working out. But don’t despair: With the help of real fitness experts and scientific research, we’ve busted six common exercise myths. With these facts, you can be more confident about your workouts and get fitter faster.

Myth #1: You should exercise in the fat-burning zone if you want to lose weight.

Your body taps into different primary sources of energy when you exercise at certain heart rates. During higher-intensity workouts, your body burns more carbohydrates than fat. During lower-intensity workouts, it burns more fat than carbs. So, if you’re trying to shed pounds, some say it’s best to work out in the “fat-burning zone.”

First, this zone…

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