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How Colin King Decorates With Color (When He Really Just Loves Neutrals)


Photography by Rich Stapleton.

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In his new book, Arranging Things, interior stylist Colin King collected images from his past work, his greatest hits, and even his iPhone to distill them into one highly teachable book that will make you want to stop scrolling and start marking pages with Post-its. 

Living room with blue sofa
Photography by Adrian Gaut

Sure, the coffee-table tome is a yearbook of sorts for King, who has styled the homes of Gwyneth Paltrow and Drake for shoots—and just launched a new Japanese- and French-inspired collection with Beni Rugs. But his book is also a guide on how to artfully arrange your own home. “I just hope people can really look beyond the intended use of their objects and see the things they already have,” King says. “I hope it demystifies styling a bit.”

Here, we ask King to elaborate. 

Styling seems to intimidate people because there are a lot of rules. Do you think there are rules?
I feel like there are no rules. But then in a world of infinite possibilities, that’s the thing that probably intimidates people the most: Where the heck do I start? The first…

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