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How much should a beginner spend on an airgun scope?


How much should we spend on an airgun scope? Jim Old looks for that vital sweet spot of price and performance for those just starting out

I lift the airgun scope carefully from the table and bring it to my eye. It looks and feels like a quality piece of kit, but it’s slightly unwieldy because it’s not attached to a gun. I adjust the focus and the eyepiece until the reticle is pin-sharp and the image is perfect. There’s a stubble field beside the showground which slopes gently uphill to the edge of a wood. It’s midday in late summer. The landscape is flooded with bright light. I dial the magnification up to the max and scan the shadowy line between field and wood. The clarity of the sight picture is miraculous. If there had been an animal lurking there in the shade, it would not have escaped my gaze.

I’m impressed, and somewhat reluctantly hand the scope back to the man running the stand. But 50 yards away, covered by a neat, branded gazebo, is the Hawke stall; noticeably busier than its counterpart. I head towards it. It’s comparison time.

airgun scope

While high-end scopes woo Jim’s heart, his head – and wallet – are ruled by practicality

An optical fanboy

I should declare an interest at this point. I’m a…

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