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How to Grow a Container Garden for Herbs


The Perks of an Herb Container Garden

Follow a few simple tips to grow your best herbs yet.

Growing herbs in containers has its perks, in both the kitchen and the garden. In fact, it’s easier to grow herbs in pots than in the ground, because you have more control of what’s going on in the container, says Sue Goetz, a garden designer and author of Complete Container Herb Gardening.

“What I love about container gardening with herbs is that you can put them anywhere—on a balcony, patio or windowsill, or tucked in a corner of the garden,” Sue says. She also notes that pots just outside the kitchen offer easy access to fresh herbs while you’re cooking.

Choose Your Herbs

Illustrated herbs in pots
Grow the herbs you want to use in your favorite recipes.

Only select herbs you want to cook with. “Grow what you love. If you don’t use sage, you’re not going to want it taking up space,” Sue says.

Because some herbs such as sage, lavender, rosemary and thyme tend to germinate slowly, purchase seedling plants from your local nursery, Sue suggests.

“For herbs that are easy to grow, such as chives, basil and parsley, you can start with seeds, but I like the instant gratification of a plant,” she says.

Some herbs that are best for…

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