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How to Grow (Yes, Grow) Pinterest’s ‘It Dessert’ This Spring


If you’ve spent any amount of time on social media lately, you’ve probably encountered some sort of cake-meets-flower arrangement that stopped you mid-scroll. From whipped toppings studded with kumquats and cosmos to colorful domes dotted with finger lime caviar and pink heirloom chicories, these bakery bouquets are having a moment and they are just as delicious to eat as they are delightful to look at. 

Rose Wilde, a master gardener and celebrated pastry chef who has spent time in many of LA’s best kitchens, is taking her cake creations to the next level with an unusual selection of garden-grown produce that’s changing the way we think about decorating sweet treats—let’s just say our garden planning has been reimagined for spring and summer baked goods.

From plucking the perfect passion flower, to arranging small clusters of loquats, Rose wants us all to look at our gardens and farmer’s markets a bit differently and use that peak produce or weekend harvest in new and exciting ways. Here she shares her inspiration, tips and what to plant when “growing” your own cakes this season.

Courtesy of Rose Wilde

Wild Flour” desserts have become a huge 2023 trend, why do you think this style is…

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