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How to plan an Easter egg hunt that is family friendly (and labrador-proof)


Charlotte Mackaness shares the benefits of hard-won experience

The origins of the Easter egg hunt

What we think of as the Easter ‘bunny’ is thought to have its roots in 17th-century German folklore: children would leave nests in which a hare would leave eggs. (Read more on hare mythology here.) Hunting for chocolate eggs is a fairly recent Easter tradition. A well-organised egg hunt will live in a child’s memory for years but how do you hatch a plan that ensures Easter Sunday is not marred by tears and nausea by lunchtime? (Read more on the origins of Easter or Eostre here.)

Colourful easter eggs

Colour coding eggs for different children can help even up the field

Even up the Easter egg hunt playing field

Help ensure all children have a chance of equal spoils by colour-coding the eggs for each child and then make the hiding places more difficult to find or harder to reach depending on age. If the group is particularly large and there are not sufficient colours, try dividing the hunting area into zones (if space allows) and so everyone can have their own colour. Another way of giving younger hunters a helping hand is to pair them with an older child and task them with finding an egg of each colour. (Looking for luxurious Easter eggs?…

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