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How To Survive An EMP Attack

How To Survive An EMP Attack

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Remember how you felt when your cellphone battery was dead, your GPS could not locate your position while driving, or even when your laptop wouldn’t turn on due to a computer virus? It didn’t feel good. You felt out-of-the-loop and a bit lost without access to these daily helpers throughout your day. Now imagine these small instances happening on a larger scale, affecting nearly every electronic device that operates today and being much more permanent; that’s the devastating effects of an electromagnetic pulse. If you want to learn how to survive an EMP attack, then you’ve come to the right place.

How To Survive An Emp Attack

An EMP is a very real possibility in today’s world. Not unlike other possible emergency scenarios like natural disasters, civil unrest, foreign attacks, economic collapse, and pandemics, to name just a few, an EMP strike would have a crippling effect on your normal way of living for quite a long time. 

However, you can take precautions to minimize an EMP’s effects on your personal electronics if you know where to start. Every journey starts with the first step, so here are some do-it-yourself protection tips to…

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