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Hunter 19 restoration: lessons learned from restoring an unwanted cruiser


Richard Date takes up the challenge of restoring an unloved and unwanted cruiser

Nani sailing nicely in a light breeze

When friends of mine, who were keelboat racers, successfully restored a Hunter 19 cruiser and changed the rig I was impressed.

If they could do it, maybe I could too – it seemed they’d started a trend.

It began at the 2004 Squib Nationals when a couple of ex-Squib champions took pity on a Hunter 19 that was languishing at the back of Holyhead Boatyard.

A small yacht on a trailer

The Hunter 19 was built in 1972, and Hull No34 was in a sorry state. Credit: Richard Date

They bought the yacht and took it back to the East Coast. They restored it with a new interior and put a Squib rig on it before taking it cruising.

At a more recent Squib Championships in Holyhead there was a layday due to strong winds and, during a discussion at the bar, it transpired that another unloved Hunter 19 was on a trailer which had been acquired on ebay and that the trailer was sold to (yet another) Squib champion in Burnham-on-Crouch

The boat was surplus to requirements so if I could fetch it from Burnham I too could have a project to keep me busy for a year.

Crouch Cheetah

So, after quite a lot of diesel and the generous provision of a trailer, the…

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