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Inflated by a puncture


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Inflated by a puncture

Three punctures in a week gave Emma Smallman a chance to practice what she teaches

I cycle everywhere and whilst I do have a vehicle, I’ll always pick two wheels over four. I love the freedom it gives, not being at the mercy of traffic. Not only is it good exercise, but it’s also free, better for the environment and my senses are heightened. Wins all around.

The other day I’d just finished teaching a chair yoga class and was cycling to the next session at a probation hostel. I’d just shared the theme of ‘effortless effort’, the notion that we can practice adopting a calm and stable mindset when undertaking challenging poses and movements that require effort from the body, using the breath as one way to support this. What a handy life skill to have, to be able to approach life’s difficulties with a greater sense of self-control and inner peace.

Reflecting on class and halfway to the next one I got a puncture. OK, so here’s the confession, I ride…

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