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‘It’s terrible these horses had to die’: fireworks plea is taken to the top


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AS the current legislation aimed at protecting animals from harm caused by fireworks is not preventing their deaths, action must be taken.

This is the view of Andrew Selous, the MP for south-west Bedfordshire, where a pony had to be put down as a result of New Year’s Eve fireworks.

Sam Parsons’ 25-year-old gelding Murphy, who should have been enjoying a happy retirement, had to be put down on 1 January. Sam believes from marks in the field that he had gone through electric fencing and into another fence. He was found unable to get up, despite vets’ best efforts.

“There was no coming back from that so he was put to sleep then and there,” Sam told H&H. “It was absolutely horrific.”

Sam is now trying to make as much noise as possible, with the backing of Mr Selous, who arranged an interview with himself and Sam on local BBC radio, and intends to address both the parish council and parliament on the issue.

“He’s been fantastic,” she said. “He was talking about tougher by-laws for rural communities; it was discussed in parliament in 2019 and they were told to go and get more evidence, so I hope this is the time to say…

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